Proudly presenting to you The D.U.B. Custom Exhaust
System. An Exhaust we've been working on it's quality and it's
diagrams since 2007. A Combination of the European Tone
and The American Thunder. High quality and performance
approved. Forget about any exhaust system that you ever had
or heard about. Performance, Quality, Deep Tone, It's The
DUB Exhaust System.

DUB Exhaust System has been the Ultimate Upgrade for all
the Dodge Chargers V6 since 2007.

The Specs.:
-Pipes Made of High Quality Galvanise or Aluminum.
-Famous Branded Mufflers & Tips Included.
-10 to 30 HorsePower Approved.
-Available for 95% of The Cars.
-Unique Applications Available.
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